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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

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From: "Bill Sinbine" <n4xeo@webcombo.net>
> This is NOT true!!  I guess I will have to send this "store-and -forward "
> " email message"
>   It is not live so I guess this message is almost like packet. You send
> out your message to your isp and it sits there until the party you sent it
> to logs on and gets it .

you have missed my point altogether.

if you want to do "store and forward" messages (like this one) then
you'd be a fool to spend thousands of dollars and "satellite" technology
to pass the message via RF when it was so darned easy to just log on to the
Internet and hit that "Send" button, eh?

now don't get me wrong, if you enjoy doing that then it is your hobby
and I say more power to you. but I think when we talk about public
relations and amateur radio we do a dis-service to our own hobby when we
tout our "packet networks" as something to be proud of or that is
desirable to do.

for *most* people, packet type communications doesn't smack as "Star
Wars" technology. it is more "spark gap" technology and while there is
nothing wrong with that if you want to play with it, it is not the
future of the hobby, it is the past.

packet is still dead. spread the word.

jeff, n9avg

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