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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

Gun Steele wrote:
>     Bob, reading your post on the Hansen concept... I see people wanting
> that untethered  information in the real world. I am convinced that
> wireless delivery to WinCE devices is going to be huge, but the content
> is the key...

YES! And we Already we have it started:

In any area where someone is running APRStk, any Kenwood HT or Mobile
within say 150 miles will see on its front panel, a "tiny web-page"
showing the location, range and bearing of any FM satellites currently in
view. AND once every 10 minutes they see a little "tiny web-page" showing
them what satellites will be in view in the next 80 minutes.

Further, anyone can send "tiny web-page" views of all kinds of information
to these radios from anywhere.  ALready we display:

  1) The location, range and bearing of the last 40 APRS stns around you
  2) The location, range and bearing of all DIGIpeaters in range
  3) The local WEATHER including wind speed, direction, rain and temp
  4) ANY APRS bulletins 
  5) Any APRS mail (think of this as Email)
  6) And you can send out REAL EMAIL from the radio to ANYWHERE
  7) Other data available on demand even in APRSdos:
     The locations of all the nearest Radio SHacks
     The locations of all the nearest HAM stores
     The locations of all the nearest NOAA WX Radio xmtrs and freqs
     The locations of all the nearest Nation WX service sites
     The locations of all the nearest wide area VOICE repeaters for
     THe locatiosn of all the past Aircraft CRASH sites (for SAR)
     COnversion of Interstate MILE-MARKER data to LAT/LONG for
          translation of MM position to MAP position
  8) The range bearing and distance to ANYTHING ON THE PLANET as long
     as someone transmits it.  The nearest Gas station, Campground,
     anything (that is appropriate for HAM radio)...

Simply think of the Kenwood Radios as "TINY WEB-PAGE" viewers...
and then the "content" that you want to see can be anything you can stuff
onto the "TINY-WEB-PAGE" screen!

APRS includes a QUERY format so that any station anywhere, can query for
ANY data anywhere.  If you think of APRS as a ham radio INFORMATION
RESOURCE that can display ANYTHING on the front panel of your radio, then
you begin to see the HAM RADIO parallel to the internet that I am talking

de WB4APR, Bob

CAVEAT:  Most of the above is in place. But there are not enough APRStk
servers, nor do we have in place all the local infor "SERVERS" that are
needed.  But the APRS protocol can DO IT....  and the radios CAN DISPLAY

We need to start nailing down the QUERY formats.  I'm thinking in terms of
the briefest possible formats because we will be entering them using the
TTone pad on the radios:

?RS      - for Radio shacks and/ratio stores
?CG      - for camp grounds
?PK      - for Parks
?GS      - for Gas stations
?NWS     - for the WX Serveice sites
?WX      - ALREADY will report the local WX
?CRASHES - for the nearest recorded Aircraft crash sites
?APRS?   - Already returns all surronunding APRS stations
?FOOD    - Neaarest fast food

We must guard against comercialism, but these are "resources" for the
traveler and I see no problem telling someone by ham radio where he can
find food!  We do it by voice all the time...

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