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RE: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

> Hmmm... You guys finally got my dander up....  I love the concept of
> digital communcations, and even more so, wireless digital 
> communications.
> Here's what I offer...
> If anyone is interested in setting up a high speed (Hereby defined as
> 38.4K and above) TCP/IP private network for traffic handling, 
> I'll throw
> up the first site in Bedford, TX.  

Hmm, would you like to move Down Under?  We'd certainly like to network with
you, but it might be a bit of a long haul for the first experimental link
from Melbourne (Australia) to Bedford. :-)

> The caveat...  In order to make a project like this succeed, 
> we will need
> the support of a whole lot of folks.  I figure that to bear 
> the traffic of
> a serious number of users, we'll need some form of 
> coordination to handle
> the link frequencies.

That's what we've worked out too.

> Now the kicker...  Let's bounce all email traffic through a bird...  A
> store and forward system to take the burden off of the main 
> backbones so
> that they can be used for real time data.

The birds are a good first choice for international forwarding.  Might take
enough heat off to allow HF to be used for real time data on international
links.  Or perhaps something could also be rigged up to take advantage of
P3D when it's in the right positions to supplement full time HF links.

Just thinking out loud
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