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RE: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

Hmmm... You guys finally got my dander up....  I love the concept of
digital communcations, and even more so, wireless digital communications.
Here's what I offer...

If anyone is interested in setting up a high speed (Hereby defined as
38.4K and above) TCP/IP private network for traffic handling, I'll throw
up the first site in Bedford, TX.  

For years, the internet ran on a series of 56K frame relay and point to
point backbones.

I will work with anyone who is interested, and we will lay out, and
construct small, inexpensive points of presence to carry health and
welfare, emergency and general traffic.  In addition, we will make
realtime communications a reality.  

The caveat...  In order to make a project like this succeed, we will need
the support of a whole lot of folks.  I figure that to bear the traffic of
a serious number of users, we'll need some form of coordination to handle
the link frequencies.

Now the kicker...  Let's bounce all email traffic through a bird...  A
store and forward system to take the burden off of the main backbones so
that they can be used for real time data.

Ok, though not well thought out at this point, we have a basis to move
forward.  I won't whine if you won't...

Dave, N8KXA

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