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Going Digital

You all speak about how we must all be limited, and how expensive things are, yet, 
the Ham's in Slovenia have made incredible advancements sending data at high 
frequencies and even more advances at Wideband FM radios, I am right now 
building a module created by S53RM(Sine Mermal) that has 280KHz of bandwidth, I 
understand that Phase3D will also contain a module made by S53MV (Matjav 
Vidmar) that will be able to pump out data at tremendous data rates, it is based on his 
1.28888mb/s data link but limited to 300KHz wide streams.

38k4 and the internet on UoSAT-36 was just the tip of the iceberg, Phase3D will 
push this further and harder than any satellite that we have ever had.

And for any of you "real" homebrewers out there that are willing to experiment and 
build your own gear (isnt this what the hobby is really about?) there are a heap of 
TNC's and modems that can be build.

There are even about 4-5 transceivers that can be built. Covering 70cm-23cm and 
maby even 13cm.



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