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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

> high speed wireless connections.  One compelling application that comes 
> to mind is wireless Internet surfing.  But would there be a problem with
> that?...  the idea of surfing really can't be done.

Actually, it can...
One 1200 baud 2m frequency can deliver over 10 megabytes per day.  If your
local HAM WEB server continuously streams out "requested" web pages from
the favorite "ham approved" WEB sites, then your MOBILE or handheld system
could capture your pages and have them available to you on demand.  John 
Hansen who wrote about this at DCC in 1997 (HAMweb).

If you stream data on a single 9600 baud frequency you can deliver over 80
Megaybtes per day.  PER CHANNEL. That is an awful lot of WEB pages for you
to look at.

The concept is simple.  The WEB server responds to URL requests from
users.  ANd it just keeps streaming the data.  YOUR PC captures
EVERYTHING, whether you requrested it or not.  But later if you DO want to
look at AMSAT's pages, then your PC already has TODAYS updates...

AMSAT is very familiiar with this, its like the PACSAT PROTOCOL.  But with
the PACSATS, you only get maybe four 12 minute passes a day.  But with a
local RF FEED going 24 hours a day, you can get THIRTY times the amount of
data per day...  Even at 9600 baud, that is a LOT of data.

Just FOUR frequencies in your local area could keep everyone updated at
9600 baud with everything you would want to know about:

CHANNEL 2:  APRS worldwide LIVE feed and COMM channel

In fact, the PC at the WEB server could simply SCAN all the AMSAT-BB
looking for URL's and then INSERT those WEB pages into the FEED.  THus,
when you decide to "surf", your PC already has a copy of everythying that
was new today...  Same for the other channels...

Memory is cheap.  Let your PC fill up with everything happening in HAM
radio all day around the clock.  Then it is THERE when YOU need it...
AND we can do it at our measly 9600 baud or even 1200 baud rates.

Where will you find 4 or a dozen DIgital WEB SERVER channels? EASY!
There are 70 or more in YOUR local area on 2 meters alone!. See


In a nutshell, a REPEATER can continuously transmit 1 second data bursts 
on its OWN "input" frequency whenever no one else is using the repeater.
None of the users will ever hear it, AND the voice users can capture the
repeater at any time by simply holding their PTT for 1 second before
speaking....  Yet, when the repeater is NOT in use, it delivers over
80 megabytes of data to everyone in range all day long....

 yet  de WB4APR, Bob

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