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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

> Actually, I disagree completely with Jon-- I think you are going to
> see radios in general turning into digital systems, even for analog
> modes. We are at the point that DSP devices are cheaper than things
> like mechanical filters-- and have a lower board real estate and component
> count than analog IFs. Very shortly A to D technology will
> catch up with the requirements for RF, and at that point the DSP
> will be able to be done at RF directly and the current A/D dynamic
> range limits should be resolved in a couple of years as well.

> Packet radio died  because of the prevelance of the Internet and apathy

> take a look at PSK31 for example. Its pratically FREE and it is a
> super mode made with the appropriate engineering tradeoffs for its
> intended use on HF.

All excellent points and I agree with you completely.

Let's not lose sight of what we have learned: users want real-time, person
to person communication, and voice modes are preferred. So lets get on with
digital voice technologies.

PSK31 seems to be the heir apparent to RTTY not so much because of its
narrow efficiency (which is amazing) but because users get to "chat" in real
time. This business of "dropping a message" into a bulletin board, packet
mail box, store-and-foward, etc. is just not ever going to be popular again
given the ubiquity of Internet email.

The number of people who are willing to invest significant dollars in
equipment and obtain a federal license to send a file, picture, or other
non-real time data at the "whopping" rate of 300, 1200, 9600 or even 38k
baud via ham radio is amazingly small and getting smaller daily....


Jeff Davis, N9AVG
AMSAT 28350

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