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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

Now that, Bob, I will totally agree with!  Thank you!

Your APRS software is a great implementation of your concept.  The ability
to wirelessly send e-mails, messages, etc. is really awesome.  Being able to
add satellites to the mix to provide wider coverage is better yet.  Perhaps
some day we will have a "digipeater in the sky" that is only for APRS.

But you are right, the ability to do stuff with digital modes is truly



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> Ah yes,
>   I did not at all mean to imply that "digital" should replace "analog
> modulations".  Yes, there is no compelling need for that on amateur
> frequenceis. I was just saying that there is lots of potential for
> digital applications that we could be exploring...
> Let 'em surf the web at 56 kbps, there is still a lot we can do at 1200
> and 9600... or whatever we want/need on radio.. depending on the
> application.
> We should not be trying to duplicate the internet AT ALL.  Nor replacing a
> perfectly good analog radio..  But our radios give us the reach to do
> things that consumers cannot.  We should look for those niche applicaitons
> that are useful to us in the amateur service.. and explore them...
> de WB4APR, Bob

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