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Re: Going Digital... Ham Radio?

> I was wondering how hams could use our operating privileges to take
> of high speed wireless connections.  One compelling application that comes
> mind is wireless Internet surfing.  But would there be a problem with
> For example, much of what you can do on the Internet has a commercial

Yup.  Unless we hams want to put up web pages just for ourselves on our own
the idea of surfing really can't be done.

>  Even visiting the HRO web site falls into that category.  Would that be
> allowed?  If not, I can't think of how I would be able to make use of a
> speed digital link.  Perhaps that commercial restriction needs to be
> for digital communications

Why should digital comms be relaxed when other comms can't?  The minute you
allow commercial traffic and transactions to take place on ham radio
frequencies, you've destroyed the essence of our hobby - the fact that it's
a hobby.  Instead it's now a medium where people can make money.  Sure it
would attract people, but do you want to tie up the precious little spectrum
we have with people doing online shopping and surfing the porn sites?

>Prior to
> that, the first round of packet arrived before pervasive Internet
> and made email and BBS applications practical.  In a way, it was the
> predecessor to the Internet.

Not really.  The internet has really been around since the 1960s (DARPANET I
think it was called then).  I think AX.25 packet radio came along sometime
in the late 70s or early 80s.

> What can the ham radio community do for an encore?

Why do we NEED to do one?



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