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PB and PG v.1.5 - programs for communicating with Microsat satellites

I have uploaded version 1.5 of PB and PG for Linux to Metalab.unc.edu. The
name is pbpg-1.5.tar.gz. I have placed the file and the accompanying
lsm-file in /incoming/Linux. The target directory is /pub/linux/apps/ham.
The file may also be downloaded from 

The updated documentation is found in the file named README.

This is a patch release:

-	Sometimes PB would send requests for directory fills when it was not

	needed. This has been fixed. It was due to erroneous handling of
	fragmented broadcast directory entries.

The lsm reads as follows:

Title:       	PB and PG for Linux
Version:        1.5
Entered-date:   6 JUN 2000

Description:    PB and PG for Linux are programs used for download from and
		upload to digital satellites (Pacsats) supporting the FTL0
		protocol. This software allows you to directly communicate 
		with the Microsat series of satellites. It provides a 
		Curses (Ncurses) based user interface. It features automatic

		directory fill requests and simple, rules based file 
		download requests.
		This version of the programs will work with kernel
		revisions 2.0.24 or higher.
Keywords:       AX.25
                Digital Satellites
                Amateur Radio
Author:         oz6bl@amsat.org (Bent Bagger)
		oz2aba@amsat.org (Peter Scott Bentsen)
		and others.
Maintained-by:  oz6bl@amsat.org (Bent Bagger)
Primary-site:   metalab.unc.edu /pub/linux/apps/ham/pbpg-1.5.tar.gz
Alternate-site:	ftp.amsat.org   /amsat/software/Linux/pbpg-1.5.tar.gz
Copying-policy: GPL.

Happy hamming

(also oz6bl@amsat.org)
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