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Re: Letter for Transponder Modes on P3-D updated

An article about the Infrared Laser Experiment for P3-D was
published in the AMSAT-DL March/May2000 issue and is currently
translated for publishing in the AMSAT-NA Journal..

The Laser runs at 360,000 GHz (835 nm) with 500 mW peak (250mW average)
output and is modulated with a 1600 Hz audio sub-carrier and the
400 Bit/s BPSK telemetry. It can also be keyed ON/OFF in CW :)
For receiving an "antenna" with 10cm diameter will be needed,
but all the details are in the article..

73s Peter

Franklin Antonio wrote:
> At 05:05 PM 6/5/2000 +0100, Peter Guelzow wrote:
> >the only uplinks/downlinks we have on P3-D are:
> >...
> >Well, I forgot the LASER Experiment ;)
> Where are details of the laser experiment?

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