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CBS: Ulterior motive for crashing Compton?


CBS Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has learned NASA recently 
briefed the White House about the very real possibility that MIR 
could soon plunge wildly to earth. 

The briefing document was titled: "MIR Reentry USG Observation
Implementation Plan" and was dated March 15, 2000. It said:

+ The U.S. government cannot predict where surviving MIR hardware will
impact the ground. 

+ Components of MIR will survive reentry. 

+ Damage could be significant if the entry is uncontrolled and it impacts
a populated area. 

NASA also told the White House it should work to, "avoid the appearance
of U.S. responsibility." 

To prevent a horrific scenario, NASA is urging Russia to send MIR into a
controlled kamikaze dive in the coming months. Russia hasn't agreed.
Which gets back to one of the reasons why NASA may have been so quick to
accept the demise of the Compton Telescope. 

"NASA can't very well lecture the Russians about deorbiting the MIR
space station if they are reluctant to deorbit their own satellite,
which is known to be unhealthy at this moment," says CBS News Space
Consultant Bill Harwood. 

Jeff, N9AVG

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