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Re: Letter for Transponder Modes on P3-D updated

Dear Norm,

the only uplinks/downlinks we have on P3-D are:

 > Letter  Frequency    Remarks
 > - ----------------------------------------------------------------
 >    T      21 MHz     Uplink only
 >    H      24 MHz     Uplink only
 >    V     145 MHz     Uplink and Downlink
 >    U     435 MHz     Uplink and Downlink
 >    L     1.2 GHz     two Uplinks only, L1 and L2
 >    S     2.4 GHz     two Uplinks and two Downlinks, S1 and S2
 >    C     5.6 GHz     Uplink only
 >    X      10 GHz     Downlink only
 >    K      24 GHz     Downlink only

Well, I forgot the LASER Experiment ;)

We originally hoped to include a highpower 29MHz Downlink, but no
flighthardware arrived in time.

73s Peter DB2OS

Norm & Cathy Beasley wrote:
> Dear Readers and/or Peter
> I was glad to see the updated transponder modes list for the P3D and other satellite modes. Thanks
> for providing that, Peter.
> After reading the list, I am wondering: Does this mean that P3D will not have a 10 meter up and/or
> downlink, i.e.: 29 MHz.? Please advise. If we do have a 10 meter up/down link, what would be its
> corresponding transponder mode letter?
> If I have seen this information before, I do not recall or it did not catch my eye.
> Have a good weekend.
> Cheers, and 73,
> Norm Beasley, P29NB / KO4CB
> Ukarumpa, PNG

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