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Re: FO-29 Operation sked -July 2

Hello JJ1WTK,.

04 Jun 00 20:54, you wrote to All:

 JS> The FO-29 command station of JARL had announced that
 JS> the operation sked of the bird of FO-29 follows below;
 JS> Year 2000;
 JS>  May   8(Mon) - June  7(Wed)  : JA
 JS> *June  8(thu) - June 12(Mon)  : Digi-talker

People trying birds like UO-14 may wish to use FO-29's digitalker as a "test
signal" to test their receiver setup.  One way to know there's something there
to listen to, without any thought of using a transmitter.  If you can't hear
the digitalker, then you won't have much luck on UO-14 either.

IIRC, the digitalker is about as strong as UO-14's downlink (though it's been a
long time since I've heard the digitalker on air).


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