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Re: leo passes and elmering

Hello Bruce.

03 Jun 00 21:56, you wrote to All:

 BP> there are lot's and lot's of new people trying the satellites. this is
 BP> good. good for the hobby and good for those that are trying to get an
 BP> award. but it is sometimes bad when they do not have the correct
 BP> procedures.

I've noticed the same.

 BP> while you are working a pass, listen for a newcommer....okay, found
 BP> him/her. now see if they are making contacts and seem to have the
 BP> mechanics down. if so, go ahead and work them.
 BP> if not....go to www.qrz.com, enter their call and find their email
 BP> address. send them an email and tell them you heard them on the
 BP> satellite and they seemed to be having a bit of trouble. you think so
 BP> because you heard them call cq or you heard them giving out their call
 BP> over and over and not making any contacts and you suspect that they
 BP> could not hear the satellite. ask if they had trouble correcting for
 BP> doppler or if they need a bit of help.

I have done this once or twice, with good results.  Alternatively, if the new
station is within my simplex range, I've called them on the downlink and taken
them to a local simplex frequency and given them a few pointers.  They have
generally been appreciative.

 BP> many of them hear about the birds from friends, from qst, from arrl
 BP> audio news etc and want to give it a try. it is easy but they need a
 BP> few pointers to get it right.
 BP> let's elmer our buddies and make satellite operating more fun.

This sort thing can only have a positive impact for everyone, so go for it!
(and keep up the good work Bruce).


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