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I had a listen for the RS15 pass today (0400 UTC 4/12/2000 over Australia)
and got a VERY strange FMing type signal.  The ans bulliten says this sat is
operational in mode A but it definately sounded sick to me.

I recorded about half a minute of the beacon (which seemed to be a bad
unmodulated carrier which was FMing) and a little of me transmitting a
carrier on the 2metre uplink - which also sounded bad on the downlink.  Each
of these MP3 files are about 400K so I won't post them but if anyone wants
to diagnose what I heard please drop me a line and I will send the mp3s
directly.  I would appreciate some help.


Michael Hart
Ph  +61 2 4325 4859
Fax +61 2 4324 9660

Uplink  145.858 to 145.898 MHz CW/SSB
Downlink   29.354 to  29.394 MHz CW/SSB
Beacon              29.352 MHz (intermittent)
SSB meeting frequency 29.380 MHz (unofficial)
Semi-operational, mode-A, using a 2-meter uplink and a
10-meter downlink.

Tony, AB2CJ, reports strong signals from RS-15 recently, with
the downlink at S-8.

Dave, WB6LLO, has operating information for both RS-15 and RS-13
on his web site. In addition to satellite data, antenna information for
mode-A operation is also featured. The WB6LLO web site URL is:


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