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At 10:22 PM -0500 6/2/00, David M. Tipton, PhD wrote:
>So what you're saying, is that P3D will obsolete every sat out there?
>Maybe I'm just not getting it, but P3D looks like all the rest to me,
>except it adds some neat new bands to play with.  Are all future sats
>going to be similar?

  Well, yes and no. If P3D works the way it's designed, it will be
*very* popular. It will also have capabilities in combinations that
no other satellite today has. Its popularity may make it hard to
work through at times; all that attention might free up other sats
for use as well.
  Couple of comments:
1) It is very unlikely that any bird remotely like P3D will be built
and launched within the next 5 years. It has been expensive and time-
2) It is not like all the rest with some extra bands lashed to the
frame. Very powerful transmitters, high-gain antennas, and inertial
stabilization to keep the antennas pointed at Earth at all times are
just a few of the very important features of P3D.
3) Bruce talks about what I call the 'handheld myth'. While it is
true that North American, European, and Asian hams will be able to
work people within their local hemisphere with relatively simple
gear, working the sat when it's hanging over *them* from *here*
is still going to require some antenna gain. Take a look at the
orbital characteristics in the many articles in QST and AMSAT-NA
Journal, as well as the booklet I edited, available from AMSAT-NA
"P3G for P3D".

P3D, once on-orbit and operational, will provide very, very unique
and powerful opportunities to hams world-wide! It will be unlike
any other bird to date!


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