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N4HY's QuikTrak Ver. 5.0

One of AMSAT's favorite satellite tracking programs, N4HY's QuikTrak, is
back after an update for Y2K compliance and a general "face lift" as
Version 5.0.  The previous version, 4.0a, was released in 1989 and served
well for all of these years.

Version 5.0 retains all of the old QuikTrak features and adds two new modes
and other functionality as well.  The Keplerian Data update routine has
been integrated into the the main menu and a new method of designating and
selecting satellite and city groups has been included.  The same maps are
still used and two sets of maps are provided, CGA and EGA.  It is still an
MS DOS program and versions are supplied for use with and without a Math
Co-Processor.  It will run in virtually any IBM PC or Clone and comes
complete with documentation on one 3.5 inch HD floppy, un-compressed.  I
run it on my HP Palmtop PC, HP200-LX, under DOS 5.0, CGA Graphics, and no
Math Co-Processor.  It also runs well on my 166 MHz Pentium with Windows
95, EGA Graphics, and a Math Co-Processor.  Of course the speed
differential is drastic!

Dave Marthouse, N2AAM, has added instructions for use of this program by
the Blind with a popular reader program.  Bob McGwire, N4HY, has done a
marvelous job updating this old standard.  It should see much use by
Satellite Operators for years to come.

QuikTrak Ver. 5.0 was released at Dayton 2000 and can now be obtained
through the AMSAT Software Exchange for a donation to AMSAT.  Orders can be
placed with Martha at 301-589-6062.

Keith Pugh, W5IU
VP of Operations, AMSAT-NA   
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