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Gamma Ray Observatory Reentry


I know many of you track satellites--amateur and others--so I thought I 
would alert you of the fact that the NASA Goddard Team is proceeding with 
the re-entry of the Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO).  To date, we have 
successfully completed 2 burns with two more to complete.  Half an orbit 
after burn 4 we expect GRO to re-enter and breakup over the Pacific Ocean 
several thousand miles south of Hawaii.

Those that are interested in tracking this event can get more information 
at the NASA home page:


The actual events leading up to the re-entry of GRO will be covered on NASA 
TV the evening of June 3.

Contrary to the May 26th press release, we have made the decision to start 
burns 3 & 4 one orbit earlier than shown. Thus, the burns will occur about 
90 minutes earlier--burn 3 will proceed around midnight EDT the evening of 
June 3 (or around 4:00 UTC June 4).

Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT, V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs
NASA GSFC, Chief, Guidance, Navigation & Control Center

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