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Letter for Transponder Modes on P3-D updated

Letter for Transponder Modes on P3-D updated

A while ago it was decided to use a two letter designator instead of the
old single letter transponder mode designators on P3-D, simply because
there are so many different combinations of receivers and transmitters

The first letter stands for the uplink, the second letter for the

Letter  Frequency    Remarks
   T      21 MHz     Uplink only
   H      24 MHz     Uplink only
   V     145 MHz     Uplink and Downlink
   U     435 MHz     Uplink and Downlink
   L     1.2 GHz     two Uplinks only, L1 and L2
   S     2.4 GHz     two Uplinks and two Downlinks, S1 and S2
   C     5.6 GHz     Uplink only
   X      10 GHz     Downlink only
   K      24 GHz     Downlink only

These letter assignments are consistent with the usual microwave band
designations, where "K" for example means 18-26.5 GHz. 

Unfortunately the HF bands do not have such fancy letters, so we let
Matjaz Vidmar S53MV decide, since he build the 21 and 24 MHz receivers
for P3-D. He commented that the russian satellites used "T" for their 21
MHz transponder and suggested to use the same letter again. There was
however no letter for the 24 MHz RX and we finally decided to use the
letter "H".

73s Peter DB2OS, Freddy ON6UG and Matjaz S53MV

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