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SUNSAT and APRStk etc...

Wow 10 people on APRS SUNSAT tonight. 70% of them mobile with the TM-D700!


Everyone got in 2 to 8 times and I got 56 Bulletins and Telemetry from
SUNSAT.  To see how to work SUNSAT digital:


ALso, I found out how to stop the crashing of APRStk Ver K11 so that it
can run reliably and keep everyone's mobile rigs updated on the schedule
and presence of the satellites:

* I edited my CONFIG.SYS down from 30 FILES to 10, and 20 BUFFERS to 10

And now APRStk (K11) has run reliably for over 36 hours and still running 
(compared to 6 before). Thus, it just needed more memory. 

To see how APRStk running on a single 286 or better PC in your area can
update the front panel displays of all Kenwood APRS radios on 144.39 to
inform users of satellites in view or to be in view in next 80
minutes see...


de WB4APR, Bob

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