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RE: [sarex] BEST satellite radio 736

I have experience with both the Kenwood TS-790 (we have two here for the
SAREX station in Santa Rosa) and personally have an IC-970H with the 1.2 Ghz
module as well as the 50-900 Mhz  receiver (unblocked) installed.  The
IC970H wins hands down when it comes to ease of use, ease of interfacing for
frequency control with a computer. In terms of performance, I don't know
what the specs say, but the Kenwood receiver appears to be a little more
sensitive.   Otherwise they're probably equal.   

I hate to poor mouth the Kenwood, but it has one of the most
counter-intuitive operator interfaces that I have ever seen on a satellite
radio.  Once you overcome the initial learning curve, it's okay, but I much
much prefer the IC-970H where you set the transmit and receive frequencies
and forget it AND you can see both frequencies at the same time! 

Does anyone know what the current asking price for a used IC-970H with 1.2
Ghz module and the 50-900 Mhz  unblocked receiver is?  Thanks.

Tim, W6ISS

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