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Re: BEST satellite radio

>Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 20:12:33 -0400
>From: Ronald Long <rlong3@columbus.rr.com>
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] BEST satellite radio
>Franklin Antonio wrote:
>   >Opinions please: What is the best satellite radio?
>The ts-790 is quite old now but let me use it as an example of the
>deficiencies of the sub-band concept. RIT works on main band only; Noise
>blanker (not sure); no IF Shift; no CW filter option.

FYI, on my TS-790 the noise blanker and IF shift work just fine on the sub 
band, as does the AGC (and squelch and AF ;-)

You are right about the RIT (not really needed for a receive only sub band) 
and built-in narrow CW filter not working on the sub band, though.  Since 
I'm into the "new" digital of 1's and 0's rather than OFF and ON, it 
doesn't bother me :)


Mark L. Hammond  [KC4EBR]

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