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Re: BEST satellite radio

Long wrote:

  > I have so-far stayed away from the main-band/sub-band radios such as
  > ic-970, ic-820, ic-821, ts-790 etc. The reason has to do with the fact
  > that you must transmit on the main band and receive on the sub band.

Black wrote:

  >This is not true in the case of the '821. It is exactly the opposite. I
  >transmit on the sub-band and receive on the main band.

Long's reply:

I knew this would come up. I have never had an 821 but I believe the 
following is true.

Some people think that with the 821 vis-a-vis the 820, you can transmit on 
the sub band and receive on the main band.

I don't think that is really true. Icom made only minor changes with the 
821. With the 820 you always had to receive on the sub, which also meant 
that the receive used the small digit display and the lcd s-meter among 
other compromises inherent in the sub-receiver. Some people didn't like 
that. So I think that with the 821 they configured it so that you still use 
(must use) the internal sub-receiver electronics for receive but you can 
configure it so that you see the 'main' display, that is the one with the 
large digits and the mechanical s-meter. In other words they just swapped 
the displays.

When it comes to IF filters and some other features this is important to 
know, and makes some limitations compared to really being able to use the 
main receiver for downlink and transmiting on the sub.

Can someone prove me wrong? I would like to know.

ron long w8gus.

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