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RE: BEST satellite radio

> I have all modes of keying available and my favorite for 
> phone ops is a foot
> switch.  They are easy to make or you can find them for about 
> ten bucks at

Now this is a good idea!  I like it! :-)

> many swapmeets.  If you've never tried one I think you'll be in for a
> pleasant surprise.  On AO-13 when the doppler was slow and 
> the squint was
> low I used to lean back in the recliner and ragchew.  Then a 
> hand switch was

A hand switch would be better for that, but the foot switch has a lot of
potential for the LEOs. :-)

> my favorite.  Never could fall in love with the vox, although 
> it works as
> advertised.

I'm not a big fan of the vox either.  Only time I've really warmed to them
is for casual ragchewing on terrestrial SSB.  I don't like VOX for anything
where timing is of any importance.
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