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Re: BEST satellite radio

> I have so-far stayed away from the main-band/sub-band radios such as
> ic-970, ic-820, ic-821, ts-790 etc. The reason has to do with the fact
> you must transmit on the main band and receive on the sub band. It seems
> me that the sub-band receiver is less capable than the main band receiver.

This is not true in the case of the '821.  It is exactly the opposite.  I
transmit on the sub-band and receive on the main band.

> Some of the sat radios have not had VOX. A serious problem IMHO.

VOX can also be a serious problem.  Imagine having kids come screaming
through your room with the radios on and you're transmitting.  I've got 3
y/o twins; believe me, it happens.

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