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Thanks and sorry

Thanks gangs for yours responses! and sorry for my repeat messaje.
OK for the sugestions and indications. Thanks !!!
Peter (nh6vb), I tried listen the AO-10 beacon first, OK? I send mail to you in that moment. (AO-10 work in B mode?)
Malcom, I work FO-29 with very good signal, but I receive only my station !!. No active stations working this satellite in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Barsil and Peru. !! (I'm lonely, same a bad dog !!!!  :-< ).  I contact stations only in RS-13 working in K or A mode (In this bird I work in A mode ). 
I haven't mutual window to you in FO-29. :-(((
I need change a L/S mode, quickly !!! jejeje! :-)))
OK my friends, thanks for this contact !!!
73- Sergio

PS: P3-D Keplerian pre-launch exist ??
PS II:Sorry for my english! ... is same a Tarzan and Chita monkey, speaking !! jejeje !!!

Sergio M. Gesto
51º 28' 29'' S
69º 12' 57'' W
P.O.Box 305
(9400) Río Gallegos
Santa Cruz

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