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Symek TNC3S and MacPacSat

Anyone out there in DigiSatville ever use a Symek TNC3 with a MAC G3
running MacPacSat???...  or am I going to be the "lab rat"?

Ulf Kumm of Symek said he was not familiar with the computer or the
software.  He was as helpful as he could be, considering the
circumstances, and did fill in some details on the TNC3S.  Thank you

It sounds like it should work.  I was hoping one of you DigiSat mavens
might have a better idea about it than I do.  I am new to all this...
Two days ago I collected my first Sat Packets from S0-35 and I think it
was T0-31.  I was using a Kantronics 9612 plus, An FT-847 and ...a MAC
G3 running MacPacSat.

I am interested in the TNC3S because I want to do some experimenting
with very high data rate terestrial links as well as satellite ops.  I
am in the process of evealuating my options for TNCs and mods to the
FT-847 to make a "real data pipe".

Any thoughts?  Folly or Fun?


Bronson Crothers
5764 SERC
University of Maine
Orono,  ME.  04469

Ph: 207 581 2252
Fx: 207 581 2255

Email: bronson@eece.maine.edu

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