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RE: My first Y2K contact on satellite

On Thu, 25 May 2000, Tony Langdon wrote:

> > those Arrow dual-band antennas with the duplexer.
> Does take a few goes at getting it all together.

>From day-one I cut my Arrow in half since it is overkill on the digital
birds.  Thus, I can use the lower half as 4 elements on UHF and 2 elements
on VHF.  If I need more gain, it takes only 2 seconds to stick on the

BUT I WAS AMAZED to see that the way Arrow now sells the "split" boom
version, they cut the boom at the 3rd UHF element so you cannot even use
it in its HALF configuration.  The only thing you can do with the lower
half the way they did it is to use 3 elements on UHF and only the VHF feed
dipole which is now then drastically missmatched.

By cutting it right above the middle 2m element like I did, you get a
fully usable HALF-ARROW.  I leave this half fully assembled on my
dashboard of the car and it is great for receiveng the birds including the
9600 baud digital ones to my THD7 HT.  If I need to transmit, I stick on
the driven element and reflectors.  Still quite usable..
de WB4APR, Bob

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