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38k4 and the EVM56002/RI


I sent out a similar note about a month or so ago.

I've been tweaking on the .17 release of the G38kRuh code.  I've hacked in
support for the EVM/RI and now thanks to Doug Braun, I've hacked in the
support for RX on the Radio2 port.  I know how to do the TX on radio2 as
well, but just haven't put it in yet as I don't use it that way.  I will do
so in the very near future as I have a friend that is wanting it.

Anyway, I figured I'd let everyone know and if you'd like to drop me an
email, I'll be happy to ship you a zip file with all the buildable
applications and instructions.

This supports 57600 DTE rate on the serial port and if you use it you will
have to convert all your code over to 57600.  It's really easy and I've
included notes on how to do it.

Also, I've included a version of DL32 that Fernando (CX6DD) did that support
57600.  This version was built with VC++ 6.0 and is a true 32 bit app.

I'm using the latest version of Doug's Leonid and Bios2 and it seems to work
very well.  I'm still waiting for my tower, another story, but with a wimpy
antenna... 20" vertical whip over a 3foot sheet of metal, once I acquire
UO-36 for the 4-5 mins that I have pass access, I get a consistent 95-100%
efficiency.  This with a PCR-1000 in 50khz mode as the RX and an 847 doing
the TX... This is easily doable with doppler thanks to Fernando's WispDDE
3.0.  I've turned on the load monitor and mapped it to an avail LED and I've
never seen it go on, so I don't know what the magic is.  Newer Bios??? or
something.  I'm running my EVM at 68mhz which is what Doug's Bios sets it up

I've been waiting for the 38k4 team to release something better, but until
then... let me know!

Alan Adamson
Amsat #30117

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