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Re: New Kenwood

Jon Ogden wrote:

  > sub band: 118-174, 220-512 MHz (FM/AM modes only).
  > I am hoping that what that means is that AM and FM is only
  > available OUTSIDE the amateur bands.
  > It is not clear what is and is not available in the amateur bands.

It also states: "The transceiver is equipped with an IF DSP for
main-band use (AF DSP for sub bands)."

It goes on to detail the features of the IF DSP receiver
(read 'main band receiver').

It has been a problem in the past with these main/sub band type
radios that in satellite operation one is restricted to transmitting
on the main band and receiving on the sub band. If the sub band
receiver is less capable than the main band receiver,
this is a major problem for satellite operation. Who wants to use
a dumbed-down receiver for the downlink.

I believe this is the case with the ic-820 AND the ic-821, contrary
to what the ic-821 advertisements might say. IMHO the old ft-736 is
still has the fewest satellite-operation compromises.

ron w8gus.

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