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New Kenwood

Message text written by Jon Ogden
I HOPE that the data sheet for the Kenwood radio is just unclear.

It states under main specifications "Wide-Band Reception" and then in the
sub band: 118-174, 220-512 MHz (FM/AM modes only).
I think they just mean that the radio covers a bunch of frequency.

Under Over view it also states "since it is equipped with independent sub
band reception" which sounds like you can receive 2 frequencies at the same
time, although the FM and AM only sounds like it won't do satellites.
The ad does say that (under other features) "auto satellite tracking with
cross mode compatable".
I was told at dayton that it would do satellites the same basic way the TS
790 does and that is fine with me!!

I am hoping that what that means is that AM and FM is only available
OUTSIDE the amateur bands.  It is not clear what is and is not available in
the amateur bands.

I have written Kenwood a letter via the feedback section on their website.
I would suggest anyone else interested in this radio do the same as well.
In my experience with Kenwood, they have been very responsive to customers
(TH-D7A, etc).  I think they will listen.  
In fact, that is what they were telling us they wanted was customer

Write Kenwood and flood them with the requirement for all mode capability
on the Sub-band.

I am hoping that this radio is similar to the Yaesu Ft 847 and ft100 in the
band coverage and modes.
If so I want one!!!!

Perry WB8OTH

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