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Re: New Kenwood

That's what it appears to be.  There is some discussion that the TS-790 has
dual receivers.  According to Kenwood, it did NOT have 2 RXs.  There is a
difference between two independent receivers and 2 VFOs.  The IC-821 is the
only 2 RX radio out right now for VHF/UHF.

Anyhow, I think the SUB-RX is just that a receiver only.  I think there is
just one transmitter in the radio and the sub side is RX only.  This is why
the data sheet says that the data features with the sub-RX excludes APRS
features and that you cannot connect to the DX cluster with it.  Makes sense
if all it does is receive!  It would be pretty slick if it had a seperate
transmitter in there as well.  That would be nice!

I think you are right though, Bob, about how the main part of the radio will
work.  I wonder if the display will split to show both the uplink and the
downlink frequency or just how that will work.  It will be interesting.



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> On Tue, 23 May 2000, Jon Ogden wrote:
> > I HOPE that the data sheet for the Kenwood radio is just unclear.
> I suspect that it is an all-band all-mode in the main transceiver and so
> it can operate like any other satellite rig.  It can transceive crossband
> and in all modes.  The SUB-BAND transceiver is a totaly different built-in
> transceiver (but only for FM and AM) that serves other auxilliary
> functions while the main band is busy doing all the crossband/all-mode
> stuff..
> de WB4APR, Bob

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