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RE: HUH? New! Satellite Digital Messaging

> This is cool, but boy am I dense or something.  I even went 
> to the Kenwood
> site TODAY (5/23) and downloaded the manual for the TH-D7A.  
> It only covers
> 438-450Mhz.  So, I went to the latest AMSAT bulletin to 
> check.   Most all
> the satellites operate BELOW 438MHz.  Out of range of the TH-D7A.
> (UO-14-435.07; AO-27-436.795, SO-35-436.291.)

This is correct, as the satellite band is 435 - 438 MHz.  We donít have this
issue down here, as our FM band straddles the satellite band, so gear
supplied here covers 430 - 440 MHz out of the box (the other 20 MHz is used
for 2 ATV channels and repeater linking here).

> So either, Kenwood isn't publishing all the specs correctly 
> (Hey Kenwood!)
> OR
> I have the frequencies all wrong for the birds.  (wake up Alf)
> OR
> I can spend $450+ for this fancy radio and then have to make 
> a mod to it,
> voiding the warranty, in order to use it. (again HEY KENWOOD!)

Considering the potential satellite applications, it would seem a bit silly.
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