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Re: Minimum Equipment for Digital Satellites

Hello A..

22 May 00 15:58, you wrote to All:

 AL> I've read that many hams were succesful making FM voice satellite
 AL> contact with FM HT's and a dual band directional antenna.
 AL> I would like to ask you about possibility to work digital satellites
 AL> (PACSAT) using this minimum setup (i.e. dual band HT + Egg beater
 AL> antenna).
 AL> Please any suggestions welcome, especially about possibilies in using
 AL> an HT+TNC and omnidirectional antenna as minimum requirement for
 AL> digital birds.

I haven't tried myself, but it should be possible on high elevation passes.

A directional antenna would give a better fade margin, especially on the
downlink, and the beam I use is probably not a bad choice for digital work, as
it has some gain, but a broad pattern, so aiming isn't critical (set it every
few minutes, if you mount it on a tripod, then get back to the digital stuff :)


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