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Any South Pacific satellite stations?

I'm wondering if there's any stations in the south-western Pacific region
(in addition to the usual VK/ZL/P29) who would be capable of coming up on
the FM birds.  There's some local interest here in eastern VK in making
contact with other stations in the region via SO-35 or UO-14, and there is a
good chance that some future SO-35 passes will favour this region (I will
put an unofficial list of possible passes on my page in the next few days).

Similarly, we would also be interested in stations from SE Asia or other
regins within 5000 km of VK who may be able to access the birds on the same
passes as us.

P.S.  It's been great to hear so much ZL in recent weeks on SO-35.  Pity
Murphy got in the way of Saturday's SO-35 pass, which would have been ideal
for ZL operators to access the bird.  Maybe next time. :-)

Tony Langdon.
Systems Development and Support.
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