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SQ3 signal report

Turned the radio on at 19:25 UTC.

Rig: FT-847 with internal "preamp" on.
Antenna:  1/4 wave, wire Ground Plane 12 feet above ground.

Location:  Orono Maine  04473;  44, 54 ,30 N    68, 40, 30 W

SQ3 signal first detected on: 144.007639MHz  mode:USB

RSS< S1 throughout (didn't even show on the meter).

Attempted to tune RTTY until 19:57 UTC using USB and LSB with 1800Hz to
2000Hz center.  This was a doomed effort... but I am too nieve not to
try.  Recorded some audio of the signal and will try to decode some of
the telemetry at a later date.

After 19:57 UTC, Settled in to wait for LOS in CW mode with 700Hz

20:18 UTC;  144.010 295MHz  (CW)  in and out, faint.

20:23 UTC;  144.010 356MHz (CW) same.

20:28 UTC;  144.010 364MHz (CW) very faint.

20:34 UTC;  LOS

Sorry for the weak report.  My station, not withstanding the FT-847 and
my MAC G3, is still very primative.  I am working on directional
antennas and an Az/El system to point them.  I hope I can be of more use

in the future.

Congrats on the success of SQ3!


... ain't this radio stuff cool!

Bronson Crothers
17 Charles St.
Orono  ME  04473

Phone: 207 866 0405
Fax:.....207 866 0405

Radio Call: N1ZAQ

--... ...--

Email: bronson@eece.maine.edu

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