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Frequency offset in FT-847

Hello everyone,

I have a second hand FT-847 and have observed that the TX and TX
frequencies have an offset.
For example, to reach a local repeater I have to tune up 11,4 KHz in the
UHF band and 3,8 KHz in the VHF band (centering the DISC indicator). I
have done this proof using local stations, repeaters, satellites (with a
known doppler, ...) 

I've noted that this offset is proportional to the frequency I use:

435 MHz -- 11,4 Khz  (more or lesss)
145 MHz -- 3,8 KHz (more or less)

There is a relation of 3.

Could this be a problem of the PLL Module?
Could this offset be corrected in some manner?
Is there any capacitor, coil or potenciometer I could tune?



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