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RE: Readback data FT-847


The send commands are in the CAT section of your manual.  There was a short
period in which the manual shipped with the upgraded CAT did not include the
receive commands.  I can scan and send you a copy of the updated manual
page.  Let me know.  However, this should give you the needed information.


Polling Codes for Frequency & Mode

The FT-847, as originally delivered, could not poll the radio for frequency
and mode information. This was added beginning with the 8G05 production
runs. The Operating Manual does not show the codes for polling the radio.
They are as follows.

To query the radio: Send a 5 byte sequence as follows: * * * * P1

Where *=Any value and P1=03 for Main VFO, 13 for RX Sat VFO, and 23 for TX
Sat VFO.

Note that you cannot query the sub-VFO, nor can you swap VFOs via software.

The rig will return a 5 byte data sequence: D1 D2 D3 D4 D5

Where D1 contains the 100 MHz and 10MHz digits (in Hex format), D2 contains
1 MHz and 100 kHz digits, D3 contains 10 kHz and 1kHz digits, D4 contains
100 Hz and 10 Hz digits, and D5 contains mode data as follows: 00=LSB,
01=USB, 02=CW, 03=CW-R, 04=AM, 08=FM, 82=CW(N), 83=CW(N)-R, 84=AM(N), and

Example: 14 69 40 00 08 = 146.940.00, FM mode.

Note that you cannot poll or set the 1 Hz digit.

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