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Success at last!

I did it!  Last night I successfully accessed KO-25 and downloaded about 56k
of data from the sat.  Just wanted to
thank all of you who helped me get this working.  The last piece of the
puzzle and the reason I could not hear the
pacsats was that I was entering the epoch time incorrectly into WiSP.  It
turns out that I had been leaving off the
leading zero's when I entered this data and they are important - duh!  An
example of the data I had would look like
"00135.123456"  and I would enter it as "135.123456" and it needed to be
entered as "00 135.123456".  Now the
satellite passes run correctly and the keps should soon start updating
automatically. Now to get the antennas
mounted in their permanent location and add more hardware to fully automate
the station.  Again thanks guys!
73  Jim KI0BK 

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