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WO-39 JAWSAT reset

Last night and this morning (May 18, 2000) we sent reset signals to WO-39

If anyone hears it's beacons  on 437.070 and/or 437.175 MHZ please let us 
know. We did not get any reply signals back from the satellite.

The beacons should be on for 30sec with 9600 bps GMSK modulation. A
telemetry packet is sent at the start and at the end of the 30 seconds.  The
time between beacons is 90 seconds for 437.175 and 255 seconds for 437.070.

We are assuming that the WO-39 is object number 26061 but in case it is not we
also sent our reset signal to objects 26064 (FALCONSAT) and 26065 (ASUSAT). 
We also did not get a reply from those objects.

73, Randy N7SFI and Paul KC7QFS

E-mail:   n7sfi@amsat.org     kc7qfs@amsat.org

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