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Hellschreiber experiment via satellite


I've been experimenting with the Hellshreiber mode via satellite for some
time now by recording my downlink and playing it back to my PC.  While this
method will show that the Hell signal is being received, it dosn't give a
true indication as to how the mode performs.  While using IZ8BLY's Hell
software I recently found that if you open two instances of the program, one
for receive, the other for transmit, you can experiment with this mode in
full duplex... that is, simultaneously receive the signal as you transmit.
When opening the second instance, there is a "cant open audio device"
message, click ok and the two windows can now be used for RX and TX.
The soundcard being used must be capable of full-duplex.

I placed the results on the web at http://users.nais.com/~ab2cj/sathell.htm
.  The screen shots show the two windows open for Hellshreiber RX/TX and the
tracking program  running in the backround to indicate range and elevation
at the time the screenshot was taken.

73, Tony

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