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I see spots before my eyes

As no one else saw the spot I "think" I saw on the sun last night, I will
have to say that I must be seeing spots before my eyes. Thanks to all who
replied and for all the valueable information that was passed along. One of
my e-mails said that I could check www.spaceweather.com and see what the sun
surface looked like with the latest data. I did and I could not seeing
anything in the area I thought I was seeing the spot. However the photo goes
on to show two new areas, 8996 and 8998 that have come into view. Again,
looking at the photo and thinKing the surface of the sun as clock, one would
find these spots around the 8 o'clock position. Now here's the part I am
confused about. The caption with the image says "have rotated into view near
the Sun's southeastern limb". Again, thinking the photo image as a clock,
wouldn't the southeastern limb be around the 5 o'clock area?? Wouldn't north
be at the top or at 12 O'clock? Without any poles, what is north and south
on the sun as view from earth. Come on now, I need an amateur astronomer to
explain this and maybe, just maybe I'll learn a little more.. Private e-mail
replies if the bandwidth is too upsetting.. N4Zq

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