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Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 14:07:07 -0500

All ye Pacsat gurus!   I have been unable to hear any of the pacsats using
my current setup of a Kenwood TS-790a connected via 100' length of 9913 to
an eggbeater antenna.  Not a peep.  The antenna is currently mounted
temporarily to the back deck, so I am thinking of adding a RX pre-amp to the
setup and mounting the antenna higher up on the house.  I'm looking at
mounting the antenna on the same mast that my tv antenna is mounted but need
to put a 6 to 7 ft jumper from the pre-amp to the antenna to get around the
tv rotor.  What would be the best coax to use for this jumper?  RG8, 8x, 58,
213?  The rotor is not turned very often, but I want something that will
hold up for several years.  What would you suggest, or does it matter since
the length is so short?
TNX es 73, Jim KI0BK
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