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Re: Sunspot??

In a message dated 5/14/00 7:15:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time, n4zq@ij.net 

<< I guess what I'm asking is it possible to have
 seen a sunspot with the naked eye? Most of the propagation reports last week
 said the sun was devoid of spots. Did anyone else notice this mark on the
 sun, May 14, 2000?  N4Zq >>  
Sure, under those condition, not necessarily good on the eyes,  I have no 
that you did see a spot or two.  Actually I think here in the past few days a 
group of rather active and large spots has formed on the suns surface.  There 
are many interesting web sites on the subject with near real time images of 
the sun's
surface as view by SOHO.  Check em out and I bet you'll find the spot you saw,
imaged by SOHO. 
73, Steve

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