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Re: Tonight's UO-14 Pass

Hello Frank.

14 May 00 02:21, you wrote to Joel Black:

 FG> rubber duckie.  My HT is full duplex, though, and that does make a
 FG> difference, as I keep talking 'til I'm stepped on!  <s>

Hehehe, another use for full duplex.  The beam I use means I have to watch out
I don't step on people. :-)

 FG> I have an Arrow, but find it more fun most of the time to use the
 FG> whip
 FG> so i can keep both hands on HT, follow the doppler, etc.  And I
 FG> sympathize with your comments on night operation.  My eyesight is
 FG> poor, so it's especially difficult for me to see the HT display at
 FG> night, while taking care not to be hit by a bicycle or police vehicle
 FG> in the dark on the Coney Island boardwalk.

For me, I balance 2 HTs and a beam.  For SO-35, I make use of the belt clip for
the downlink Rx.  For UO-14, I hang th Rx off my wrist so I can get at it for
Doppler correction.  The Tx goes in the "spare hand" (i.e. the one not holding
the beam :) ). Wheen I use the recording system, the tape recorder goes into a
plastic supermarket bag which hangs off the hand used to hold the Tx. :-)


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