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Re: DrakeTR270 FM Voice/Digital Sattelite Transceiver

Hello Frank.

14 May 00 02:01, you wrote to All:

 FG> live in a deed restricted subdivision and can't use outside antennas.
 FG> So, am selling the rig.<<
 FG> As a fellow apartment dweller, you have my deepest sympathies.
 FG> However, one of the things I like about satellite operation--in fact,
 FG> the reason I got into satellite operation--is because it can be done
 FG> from an apartment.  I've made some SO-35 contacts with my Icom 2400A
 FG> "mobile" set and a 3-db gain collinear stuck in the corner of my
 FG> bedroom of a steel frame "fireproof" building.
 FG> Perhaps more similar to your situation, Lee, K0LEE, has reported on
 FG> this reflector that he uses an FT-847 base radio and Arrow beam on a
 FG> tripod within his condo--no outdoor antenna!  I think he's even done
 FG> AO-10 with that set up, but he'll probably chime in to confirm or deny
 FG> that.  In fact, i think he has an AOL members' site that describes his
 FG> station.
 FG> So, I urge you to experiment a bit before you give up and sell your
 FG> gear!

I have to agree here.  I am another who is limited by rental considerations.
For the FM birds, I use a couple of HTs and a beam, and have been known to work
the birds while walking down the street! :-)

For SSB, I have a couple of transverters almost ready to go.  Just need to add
a gell cell and make up some sort of trolley for the whole lot, so I can wheel
it around outside.  I should have 10W PEP on both 2m and 70cm, which should get
me into the Fujis OK.  Be interesting to see how far out I'll be able to work
P3D as well (i plan on using L/S in the long term though, smaller antennas :)

Satellites are ideal and fun for dwelling restricted people.


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