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Re: Tonight's UO-14 Pass

Hello T5z4@aol.com.

14 May 00 01:58, you wrote to All:

 Tz> Yea! I've heard you on there a couple of times.  I work QRP handheld
 Tz> through the FM birds but don't always make a contact.  Sometimes I
 Tz> make two or three
 Tz> though.
 Tz> So it can be done with some regularity.  I've never heard my own live
 Tz> downlink using
 Tz> full-duplex gear nor have I missed having that capability.  So, I
 Tz> don't really understand the preoccupation with that feature, that is

It does make a difference, especially for handheld stations who can compensate
for polarisation changes by reorienting the antenna.  Those who listen to my
audio tracks may occasionally notice an over of mine that starts off noisy,
then rapidly improves then remains stable.  The rapid improvement is me
aligning the antenna (especially for polarisation) in real time for the best
signal.  For me, worth several dB over random antenna polarisation.

However, as you say, it's perfectly feasible to run without full duplex on FM,
just a little more guesswork. :-)

 Tz> of course until you get into the more advanced Phase III class birds.

SSB birds require full duplex, unless you have computer frequency control and
an accurate system clock, otherwise you won't be able to compensate for Doppler

 Tz> Anyway, I'll be sure to listen for your QRP station and hopefully
 Tz> work
 Tz> you on a future UO-14 pass.

Good luck with the QRP guys, it's a lot of fun on the birds.

Good news here is that I have the 2m transverter I need to complete the Mode
B/J satellite station, Have to make some minor mods to the system, then I will
be QRP portable on the Fujis, as well as the FM birds. :-)


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