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Re: DrakeTR270 FM Voice/Digital Sattelite Transceiver for sal

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> Perhaps more similar to your situation, Lee, K0LEE, has reported on this 
>  reflector that he uses an FT-847 base radio and Arrow beam on a tripod 
> within 
>  his condo--no outdoor antenna!  I think he's even done AO-10 with that set 
>  up, but he'll probably chime in to confirm or deny that.  In fact, i think 
> he 
>  has an AOL members' site that describes his station.

I have worked FO20, FO29, AO10, AO27, SO35, and UO14 from inside my house 
with an Arrow mounted on a tripod using the FT847.   The contacts on the 
linear birds were a challenge, particularly AO10.  To work AO10, I had to go 
around the house and unplug every interfering piece of electronics gear, 
including my phones, which were getting into my receiver with birdies.  I 
even had to turn off the computer I was using to track the bird.  Only then 
was I able to hear AO10 well enough to make a few contacts. 

I have made far more contacts using an HT outdoors for the FM birds than with 
the FT847 from inside the house.  I'd say about 95% of my satellite contact 
are with the HTs.  At first I used an FT50 and later switched to the FT51 
which I like better because I can hear my own downlink.   I never had too 
much trouble with the FT50 since if I was stepped on, I got no reply, which 
is confirmation enough I didn't make the contact.  So I would try again.    I 
have even made a few contacts while mobile on my bicycle using a thin duck 
for an antenna.  

I've been working satellites for about a year and have worked 167 grid 
squares.  I occasionally take breaks for several weeks and then get back on 
to see if there are any new stations.  My favorite satellite activity is to 
operate portable and activate new grid squares.  I often carry my trusty 
Arrow with me whenever I travel to new grids.  I just picked up a Garmin eMap 
and updated it with the latest firmware and it now displays Maidenhead grid 
squares which should make it much easier for me to activate new grids in the 

I look forward to working many of you from some exotic gridsquares this 
coming year.  

If you are a satellite newcomer, I have a section on my web page (see URL 
below) that gives tips on how to operate AO27.  This would also apply to SO35 
and UO14.


Lee Devlin, KØLEE  (K0LEE)
Greeley, CO
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