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Tonight's UO-14 Pass

Hi Joel!

Unfortunately, I was not on tonight's (Saturday) UO-14 pass due to the 
thunderstorms in my area.  However, I have a lot of success with a 5 W. 
Alinco dual band HT and a flexible 19 in. whip, really a long rubber duckie.  
My HT is full duplex, though, and that does make a difference, as I keep 
talking 'til I'm stepped on!  <s>

I have an Arrow, but find it more fun most of the time to use the whip so i 
can keep both hands on HT, follow the doppler, etc.  And I sympathize with 
your comments on night operation.  My eyesight is poor, so it's especially 
difficult for me to see the HT display at night, while taking care not to be 
hit by a bicycle or police vehicle in the dark on the Coney Island boardwalk.

I'll look for you on the satellite one evening this week...

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